This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins checks in on the Eat Real Festival on the west coast with festival organizers Renato Sardo and Anya Fernald, formerly of Slow Food International. Renato and Anya discuss what it took to get real, healthy and delicious food to the fourth annual Eat Real Festival in Jack London Square in Oakland. Later on in the show, Nicolette Manescalchi, sous chef at A16 Restaurant, checks in and gives some insight into back of the house culture. Learn more about processing, butchering, pasta making and ordering schedules. Finally, host of The Mike & Judy Show Mike Edison previews his upcoming Fifth Annual Banned Book party and talks politics, censorship, hot librarians and more! This program was brought to you by Tekserve.


"I want somebody to be able to walk around and feel safe with whatever their kids want to eat."

---Anya Fernald of Eat Real Festival on The Main Course

"Having to saw through all the limbs on a pig is a workout!"

"I like the cuisine of Southern Italy because it focuses on using fresh ingredients and letting those flavors shine through."

--- Nicolette Manescalchi, Sous Chef of A16 restaurant.

"The real heroes are the librarians - they are the ones who keep [banned] books on the shelves."

--Mike Edison on The Mike & Judy Show