This week's episode of The Main Course finds Patrick Martins contemplating food trends. From importing cheeses to nose to tail butchery - Patrick talks about the relative age of the good food movement in the United States and its future. Patrick calls up Jason Neve, Executive Chef at B & B Ristorante, Enoteca Otto Pizzeria, and Carnevino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tune in to hear about the typical guests at Jason's restaurants, and how the Las Vegas food scene differs from New York's. How are Mario Batali's dishes received out west? Later, Patrick talks with Liz Clarke of Bubby's in Tribeca. Liz recently traveled to Berlin, Heidelberg, Prague, and Strasbourg; tune in to hear which cities had the best regional cuisines. Patrick and Liz also discuss how World War II has scarred Germany, and the Germans affinity for curry. Learn more about European cooking, and how it influenced food in the New World. This episode has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.


"Just like chefs are trying to make the best dishes possible, the farmers we buy from are trying to make the highest quality meat." [12:07] -- chef Jason Neve on The Main Course

"American food stems from German food. I'm just shocked... I'm definitely trained by a German chef where everything was just German sauces and fat. [32:38] -- Liz Clarke on The Main Course