On this week's episode of The Main Course, host Patrick Martins is joined in the studio by chef and restauranteur Jacques Gautier of Palo Santo and Fort Reno. Tune in to hear Patrick and Jacques talk about biodiversity in Latin America, and how it affects regional cuisines. Why is there a lack of quality Latin food in New York City? Jacques talks about immigrant populations and how they influence the popular foods of the city. Listen in to learn how to butcher a goat! Even though Goatober is winding down, you can always find goat on the menu at Jacques' restaurants. Patrick and Jacques wrap up the episode by talking about Thanksgiving, as well as qualities of different game meat. This program has been brought to you by Fairway Market.

"Goat for us (at Palo Santo) is a very staple protein, and it always has been because it is in a lot of Latin America." [12:20]

"I think the most important thing to learn about butchering is the anatomy and where all of the bones are." [24:00]

-- Jacques Gautier on The Main Course