This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins is talking coffee with Ed Kaufmann, the Director of Roasting at Joe Coffee. Tune into this episode to learn about each step of the coffee supply chain, and how quality is affected at each link in the chain. Learn about the roasting process from the master himself! Find out how caffeine levels vary between expensive and inexpensive cups of Joe. How do experts like Ed determine the quality of a roast? Learn about New York City as an innovative coffee city in the U.S., and hear Ed's top five coffee shops in the city! What is coffee's role in the restaurant world, and why are more people in the service industry paying attention to quality beans? Get educated on this week's installment of The Main Course. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"If you just had an awesome meal and the best-tasting dessert, and then you have an awful shot of espresso to warm you up on your way home- it can ruin your whole meal" [30:40] -- Ed Kaufmann on The Main Course