On the last show of 2012, Patrick Martins hosts a special edition of "The Main Course" devoted to the concept of giving and charity. He's joined by Anthony Butler, Executive Director of St. Johns Bread & Life, a non profit organization that brings food and assistance to the poor and accompany them on their journey to wholeness by providing necessary services. Also in the studio is our very own Executive Director of HeritageRadioNetwork.org, Erin Fairbanks. Tune in for an extended conversation on the nature and practice of giving, from modern to biblical contexts. Anthony reminds us that we have an obligation to our neighbors every day, not just Christmas. Learn about some of the incredible deeds being done by people across the country and find out how you can to more to support your fellow humans. Happy Holidays everybody! This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"People need to know that our obligation to our neighbor is the other 364 days, not just Christmas." -- 05:44

"If we don't give out of what we have, we're not making any change or investment." --09:20

--Anthony Butler, Executive Director of St. Johns Bread & Life