Parish Hall is defining American Northeast cuisine in Brooklyn! On today's episode of The Main Course, Patrick Martins celebrates his birthday by inviting Evan Hanczor and George Weld of Egg, Goatfell Farm, and Parish Hall into the studio. Hear Evan and George talk about their respective beginnings in the food world, and how they came together at Egg. How did Egg lead to Parish Hall, and why do Evan and George choose farm-fresh, local ingredients for the restaurant? How does local food relate to a coherent regional cuisine? Later, Mario and Teresa Fantasma of Paradise Locker Meats come into the studio to talk about the lack of regional slaughterhouses in the United States, and the barriers that prevent entrepreneurs to opening a slaughter facility. How do value-added products bolster Paradise Locker's business? Patrick caps off the episode by tracing the life of a pig from slaughter to plate. This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods.


"People cook eggs a little too hot and long, so they turn out drier than you would want them." [13:20] -- Evan Hanczor on The Main Course

"I feel like there's a lot of myth around (nose to tail)- if you aren't doing it you're consigning the rest of the animal to a terrible fate." [26:30] -- George Weld on The Main Course

"When you do these value-added things, there are ten more regulations for just one product." [37:45] -- Teresa Fantasma on The Main Course