James Tracey is cooking up delicious food at Craft and Colicchio & Sons in New York City! This week on The Main Course, host Patrick Martins sits down with James to talk about culinary education versus four-year college. Listen in to hear Patrick and James talk about the restaurant culture in Washington D.C. started by Jean Louis Palladin. How do the menus at Craft and Coliccio & Sons differ? And what's more important- technique or fresh ingredients? Tune in to find out! Later, James talks about his small, new restaurant in the Hamptons, Topping Rose House! Nancy Newsom calls in to talk about her family's ham-curing history, and how regions affect flavor in curing. This program has been brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"When you get a great product, there's less manipulation you have to do to it." [22:40]

"There's a lot of hunger in the United States... It's amazing, how much is not out there in the news. [34:20]

-- James Tracey on The Main Course