Happy St. Patrick's Day from The Main Course! Patrick Martins is joined in studio with friend Olivia Sargeant of Farm 255. She moved to Georgia in 2004 to develop Farm 255's menu and unique local sourcing system, began as the Head Chef, and occupied the role of General Manager for 3 years until late 2010. She currently splits time between the Bay Area, the southeast, and Italy, working as a local food "market-maker" to build models for regional food economies through operations systems, communications, and education. She continues to oversee the 255 team in her role as Managing Partner, and farms at Full Moon on her days in Georgia.

"When you start to do what you love is when you become successful. Finding agriculture was the synthesis." [3:45]

"My biggest achievement is when the people I work with become self sufficient." [07:00]

"My goal is to translate my experiences into tools and resources." [21:30]

--Olivia Sargeant of Farm 255 on The Main Course