Fredrik Berselius cooks from memory. On this week's episode of The Main Course, Patrick Martins invites Fredrik into the studio to talk about Swedish and other Scandinavian food culture. Tune into this episode to hear Fredrik and Patrick talk about traditional Scandinavian fare, and how Fredrik intends to recall these flavors using seasonal ingredients. Cured meats, smoked fish, and fermented vegetables- how do these flavors evoke a place for Fredrik? Later, Patrick calls up Sam Edwards of S. Wallace Edwards & Sons to talk about aging and curing hams. How does Sam recreate a Virginia climate year-round at his curing facility! How do humidity and temperature affect curing processes? Find out on this week's episode of The Main Course! This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch, and music has been provided by Plexophonic.

"We base a lot of the flavors on memories of growing up in Sweden, or growing up in Scandinavia. A lot of times, moving forward means looking back on where you came from." [12:25]

-- Fredrik Berselius on The Main Course