Hang out with Patrick Martins and Zachary Kell of Community Food & Juice on a relaxed and fun episode of The Main Course. Patrick and Zach are friends that recently took a trip down to Kansas to visit some Heritage farmers, and the two recount that trip and the inspirations they found there. Learn about how Zach, an Indiana-born chef, manages the kitchen at Community Food & Juice in uptown NYC and where he sources their excellent ingredients from. Get an inside perspective on sustainability, food and management from a guy who knows how to maintain high standards and do right by everybody he works with. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"The most eye-opening thing to see was [Frank Reese's] poultry farm. He was an anesthesiologist, so the guy has serious ethical training and bringing that into how he raises poultry is [incredible]. Giving the animals the best life they can have is really what it's all about." [24:00]

--Zachary Kell of Community Food & Juice on The Main Course