Patrick Martins is joined in the studio by two accomplished chefs on this week's installment of The Main Course. First up is Cal Elliott- Chef/Owner of the restaurant Rye in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Learn about Cal's past as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, and how that work inspired his do-it-yourself ethic. How has Williamsburg changed since the opening of Rye, and what are the dining trends in the neighborhood? Hear how Cal constructed the restaurant by hand. Later, Patrick talks with Hadley Schmitt, the Executive Chef at Northern Spy Food Co. Hear about the restaurant's focus on local and seasonal food, but also their emphasis of working with like-minded producers of quality products. Tune in to learn about Hadley's creative processes in the kitchen. Is it ever acceptable to serve a dish that doesn't look pretty? And what percentage of a restaurant's budget is devoted to sourcing food? Tune into this episode to find out! This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch. Thanks to Idgy Dean for today's music.

"Rye is a place to go out to dinner. A lot of young people in Williamsburg don't go out to dinner; they go out to eat." [6:00] -- Cal Elliott on The Main Course