Florent, Queen of the Meat Market, joins Patrick Martins in-studio to discuss restaurants, urban planning, and the New York bohemian on this week's episode of The Main Course. Tune into this episode to hear from the man behind one of NYC's most storied diners, Florent Morellet. Find out how the diner Florent served the community living and partying in The Meatpacking District. Hear how Florent's interests in cartography and art fueled his love for urban planning. Listen to Florent and Patrick discuss the city's ever-changing population, and learn why Florent has fallen in love with "the East Bank" - Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx- despite his history in Manhattan. Now that Florent has shut its doors, what is next for Florent Morellet? Find out on this week's installment of The Main Course! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Thanks to Shadowbox for today's musical break.


"For me, business is the serendipity of meeting people with whom I want to work." [30:00]

-- Florent Morellet on The Main Course