Joe Carroll's footprint on eating and drinking in New York City can't be understated. He's the owner, creator and designer of Spuyten Duyvil, Spuyten Duyvil Grocery, Fette Sau, St. Anselm and Gotham Artisanal Provisions. Hear from Joe on this week's episode of The Main Course. Find out how he built his career in food and beverage, and what plans are in store for the forward thinking chef, restauranteur, and bar owner. Learn about the importance of heritage pork versus conventional hogs! How has Joe seen Williamsburg change? What problems does Joe face with distribution? Find out all of this and more on this week's episode of The Main Course! This program was sponsored by Rolling Press. Thanks to Cookies for today's musical break.


"We created a bar [with Spuyten Duyvil] that wasn't a dive bar, sports bar or frat bar which most beer bars were at the time. The vibe is much more cafe-like, there are a lot of women who go there, we have a pretty serious wine program by the glass. We had to do everything; we couldn't just have good beer." [4:45]

-- Joe Carroll on The Main Course