Meryle Evans is a well known and accomplished Culinary Historian, and the editor and author of multiple publications, including "America's Best Recipes", and the "Southern Heritage Cookbook Library." She is also a contributing editor at Food Arts Magazine, a professional magazine known for keeping its readers on the cutting edge of food with authoritative coverage of trends, news, and inspiration from across the globe. Meryle has also worked as a culinary historian and curator at various museums, including The American Craft Museum and The Rockwell Museum. Tune-in for a packed episode of food history from one of the most recognized culinary historians today! Also find out who Meryle ranks as the three most important people in the history of food! This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"There certainly has to be a museum of Food and Drink. I was really excited to see it." [25:00]

-- Meryle Evans on The Main Course