Daniel Delaney is bringing Central Texas barbecue to Brooklyn! This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins introduces the new HeritageRadioNetwork.org "Op Ed" recordings, and invites Daniel into the studio to talk local food, taste, and regional authenticity. Learn why Central Texas barbecue is unique in its combination of German and Mexican immigrant traditions. Hear how Daniel first got the barbecue bug, and why he decided to start a classic barbecue joint in South Williamsburg. How did Daniel use his background in media to promote and start his business? Tune in to find out what's next for Delaney Barbecue, and why Daniel prefers to smoke heritage breed pork ribs in his eighteen-foot smoker. This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to Idgy Dean for today's musical break.


"These were butcher shops, not restaurants. All of the food (at barbecue joints) was very basic; it was stuff they had around. There might be some saltine crackers or pickled jalapeños, but that's about it." [14:10]

"Let's not sacrifice flavor to partake in a trend. That said, there are major ecological impacts associated with transporting giant amounts of wood." [18:20]

"Let's be less like Texas and realize that we're in the hospitality business." [27:25]

-- Daniel Delaney on The Main Course