This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins is joined by Zak Kell, Chef De Cuisine of Columbia University's Community Food & Juice. Tune into this program to learn about Zak's roots in Bloomington, Indiana, and how cooking in his hometown could never have prepared him for the quality of food in New York City. Find out what restaurants Zak worked in to cut his teeth, and how he got involved with the Dumont crew. Later, Patrick and Zak are joined by HRN's Mike Edison to talk stereotypes in the restaurant world. How do Mexican immigrant populations differ in New York and Los Angeles? Why are Europeans such horrible tippers? Learn the inside scoop on this week's edition of The Main Course! Today's program has been sponsored by Fairway Market. Music has been provided by Big Ups.


"You can actually make good food if you care about it and know what it's supposed to be." [20:30]

"Having good food is just one aspect of having a successful restaurant." [21:15]

"Once a level hits a certain level of success, it becomes more of a machine. You don't have as much room to be creative." [25:15]

-- Zak Kell on The Main Course