Roberta's debuts their new cookbook on this week's edition of The Main Course! Patrick Martins begins the show with Roberta's co-owner Chris Parachini. Tune in to hear Chris talk about the task of capturing the spirit of the restaurant in the Roberta's Cookbook. Hear how the restaurant has grown and changed since its opening. Will Roberta's delve further into the world of publishing in the future? Find out how the artwork surrounding the restaurant has made its way into the book, and how the art has come to define the collaborative nature and mythology of the restaurant. Later, co-owner Brandon Hoy joins the show to talk about gathering recipes for the book and the organization of the book's chapters. How was the Roberta's team able to catalog its history and translate it through the cookbook? Tune in to hear some of the crazy stories from Roberta's past on this week's installment of The Main Course! Thanks to our sponsor, Tabard Inn. Music provided by Dead Stars.


"We knew that we could never recreate the experience of actually being here at Roberta's. We used a lot of visual aids to get people in the spirit of what we do here." [2:30]

-- Chris Parachini on The Main Course

"We record every single menu from every single day." [22:15]

-- Brandon Hoy on The Main Course