It's turkey time on The Main Course! Patrick Martins calls Emily Cumbie-Drake, Sustainability Programs Coordinator at Emory University, to talk about their food purchasing practices. Emory has a food purchasing goal of 75% local or sustainable products by 2015; what kind of coordination is involved in organizing such a feat? Why does Emory purchase heritage breed turkeys? Later, Patrick reunites with cheese and olive oil guru Steve Jenkins of Fairway Market. Learn about the importance of detailed signage in groceries, and why olive oil requires young olives. Find out how you can attend a wine and cheese discussion and tasting with Steve and Josh Wesson! This program has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. Music by Pamela Royal.


"We always sell turkeys at such a low margin. We only have turkeys to bring people into the store. We don't ever make any money from selling turkeys." [14:45]

"If it wasn't for the glory of the food and my ability to get my hands on foods that other store cannot, I would be very jaded and very cranky." [18:50]

"When you make money off of olive oil, you undoubtedly are one of the people that leave the olives on the tree too long." [30:20]

-- Steve Jenkins on The Main Course