Patrick Martins hosts an eclectic edition of The Main Course starring Chef Goran Ristic of The Meatball Shop, and rare-breed turkey farmer Frank Reese! Tune into this program to hear Goran talk about his decision to move to the United States from his native Serbia, and how he began working at The Meatball Shop. Why is The Meatball Shop able to produce high-quality food for such a low price? Tune in for more regarding Serbian food and holiday traditions, and why the Mangalitsa pig owes a lot to Eastern Europe. Later, Frank Reese joins the conversation to talk about the life-cycle of the turkey, breeding practices, and more! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch. Music by Idgy Dean.

"The food we make is pretty straight-forward. There are no secrets; we make convenient food." [11:00]

"That's the beauty of the meatball- we can use high-quality ingredients and make cheap food because we don't need to buy the high-end cuts." [13:00]

-- Goran Ristic on The Main Course