This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins celebrates his 199th episode with some of his favorite guests and favorite memories. Hear from's team, including Erin Fairbanks, Jack Inslee, and Joe Galarraga! Catherine Greeley of Heritage Foods USA also makes a guest appearance, along with some of Patrick's favorite guests and co-hosts from the past. Tune in to hear from the likes of Sam Edwards (Edwards VA Ham), Katy Keiffer (What Doesn't Kill You), Mike Edison (Arts & Seizures), Phillip Gilmour (Momo Sushi Shack), Larry Bokal (Cannonball Express), and Liz Clarke (Bubby's)! This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods. Music by BROTHERS NYC.


"I'm gunning for a better food system. I'm hoping for something between the two extremes- something less industrialized, but not something that most of the food movement are looking towards. I don't think we can feed the world with a few city blocks of urban gardens." [24:30]

-- Katy Keiffer on The Main Course