This week on The Main Course, Patrick interviews Marian Burros, food columnist for The New York Times about her life's work and many accomplishments as a journalist. Patrick and Marian discuss regulations in food production and how they need to change throughout the country. Later, Marian takes us through the U.S. Presidents' first state dinners, and explains how each President's dinner differed from the others. This program has been sponsored by Tekserve. Today's music provided by Cookies.


"Since the 60's, the things that I decided to stop eating, I still don't eat, and the things that I thought were not good for you, I still don't eat or I eat very little of them." [12:30]

"I still think wild salmon is better for you because of the nutrients that it has, and farmed salmon does not have, because they don't eat the same way. " [16:40]

"There's nothing that you shouldn't eat, unless it's going to poison you. You just have to eat the right amount of it!" [44:00]

Marian Burros on The Main Course