This week on a brand new The Main Course, host Patrick Martins is in the studio speaking with Fortunato Nicotra, Executive Chef of Felidia in New York City. Initially arriving in NYC to work for celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich in 1995, he notably took her flagship restaurant to earn three stars from Ruth Reichl from the New York Times in only three months time. Through countless awards and recognitions, Fortunato tells Patrick how he came up through the culinary world. By keeping his Sicilian roots close to his food, he cooked his way through Italy, working in several restaurants in Northern Italy as well as in Sicily. Chef Nicotra has appeared on numerous food television shows, including Food Network's Iron Chef and even shares with Patrick his story of preparing several meals for Pope Benedict XVI. Tune in to hear all about this accomplished chef, plus what he has planned for the future. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"When you have a great ingredient, the best thing to do is have the ingredient speak for itself." [4:28]

"In the beginning, it was kind of difficult to have people accept the fact that inside the ravioli was pear and pecorino cheese, and then little by little it became everybody's favorite. It is a dish I clearly cannot take off the menu." [22:47]

--Fortunato Nicotra on The Main Course