This week Patrick Martins is back in the studio! The Main Course welcomes Christina Lecki, Executive Chef at The Breslin, and Tucker Schwarz, artist, writer, and event coordinator at Roberta's Pizza. They discuss Valentine's Day, the year of the goat/ram/sheep, and ants on a log before getting the scoop on Christina and Tucker's backgrounds and careers. Tucker shares the crazy event details surrounding Roberta's and how the restaurant is big in the bat mitzvah circuit! After the break, the group is later joined by Larry Boukal, General Manager of Cannonball Express, a national trucking company based out of Omaha, Nebraska to talk shop and hear about life on the road. Tune in for a great show that covers a lot of ground! This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"In this role I'm seeing all sides. I am still wrangling chefs to do food costing and add to all my own costing for labor and the whole beverage side of things. I have more elements now to consider... than just the kitchen." [16:55]

--Tucker Schwarz on The Main Course

"You eat better on the coasts than you do where most of the food is produced in the inner part of the country!" [37:30]

--Patrick Martins on The Main Course