This week's episode of The Main Course sees the return of Patrick Martins! In the studio with Alexes McLaughlin, the solo host also welcomes Mike Edison, co-author of "The Carnivore's Manifesto," and Chef Julia Jaksic of Employees Only located in NYC. Celebrating its ten year anniversary, Employees Only has managed to maintain its local feel, focusing on elevating the craft of the cocktail. Julia shares that her team's hard work and creativity resulted in a new experience where one could enjoy the best drinks and delicious food, all served in a beautiful space without pretense. A culinary industry favorite complete with fortunate tellers in the space, Julia goes on to give her philosophy on the menu and how Employees Only may have initially been known for their craft cocktails but that the food menu has been a highlight through the years. Tune in as the group talks Gwyneth Paltrow, Patrick and Mike's book, "The Carnivore's Manifesto," and more on Julia's life! This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"With the food the philosophy was... make food that people can eat and not get wasted completely!"

--Julia Jaksic on The Main Course