This week on The Main Course, tune in as Alexes McLaughlin is on the line with Jeff Mosher and Chris Stillwell, chef and sous chef at Robert Mondavi Winery in California. Talking about the exciting summer concert series offered at the winery plus some of the delicious dishes coming from their kitchen, and an update on the drought situation, the chefs invite everyone out to the west coast before the summer is through! After the break, Patrick Martins joins the show welcoming poultry farmer Frank Reese to the program sharing details on the Good Shepherd Institute, which focuses on teaching future farming generations about animal welfare, breed conservancy, and environment stewardship. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"Practical poultry farming, as it used to be taught at universities, has been completely dismantled - it does not exist anymore." [25:13]

"The bigger picture is to train the leaders for the next generation so that the knowledge that used to be quite common can be brought back again." [25:50]

--Frank Reese on The Main Course