This week on The Main Course Katy and Patrick sit down with a bevy of guests from the worlds of food, sustainability, and the arts. Alec Bradford of Leaping Waters Farms talked hybridization and animal husbandry. Next Patrick's father Joao Carlos Martins, famed pianist and conductor, regaled the group with a stories of his career plus a joke or two. Next Craig and Amy Good of Good Farms, Angus ranchers from the Flint Hills of Kansas, talked about their 48 years in the biz. Mario and Theresa Fantasma of Paradise Locker Meats discussed raising animals hormone and antibiotic free, and the current expansion process they're undertaking. Finally Chef Jacques Gautier & Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy's #43 hyped their upcoming Pig Island event on Governors Island: a pork-lovers dream come true. Don't miss this incredible who's who of folks in the good food movement. This episode was sponsored by Hearst Ranch: purveyors of fine grass-fed beef on the California coast.