Times change. There are strollers in Williamsburg, TV’s in bars, rising rent and CBGB’s is no longer. Tune in to this week’s episode of The Mike & Judy Show with guests Ed Hamilton & Kevin Hein to hear all about the demolition of The Chelsea Hotel mishap and a collection of other frustrating changes taking place in New York City. Find out why most people’s ideas of the famed “Disneyworld of junkie nostalgia” are inaccurate and hear why people are so up in arms about the death of the hotel. This episode is sponsored by Roberta’s.


“The Chelsea Hotel wasn’t as run down and tore up as people make it out to be, they just preserved the moldings and old doors instead of tearing them down and throwing them out.”

–Ed Hamilton on The Mike & Judy Show

“The bottom line has ALWAYS been money in New York City.”

“7-11 pisses me off more than the closing of The Mars Bar.”

–Mike Edison on The Mike & Judy Show