This week on The Mike & Judy Show, Mike Edison & Judy McGuire are joined by writer and illustrator Carolita Johnson of The New Yorker, Hairpin, The Huffington Post and more. Find out how she got to The New Yorker from France and what it’s like juggling gigs as a freelancer. Learn about her experiences as a model and why the “Age of the Ugly Model” has come and gone. This program was sponsored by Roberta’s.

“I think everybody has a love/hate relationship with The New Yorker.”

“The first cartoon that really hit me was in a Hustler magazine. There was a little cartoon of an electric socket with legs and eyelashes and it was running away from a plug on feet. I thought ‘Oh, this is sex!’ It was a really great cartoon!”

–Writer & Illustrator Carolita Johnson on The Mike & Judy Show