We're talking music and Maura Magazine on today's installment of The Mike & Judy Show! Mike Edison and Judy McGuire bring frequent guest and music journalist Maura Johnston to the studio today to talk about her new online publication. What is responsible for the decline of quality journalism? Tune in to hear everyone talk about the Internet's role in rote content. Find out why Maura decided to start her own magazine, and why her emphasis is on quality as opposed to quantity. What is Maura listening to these days? Find out on this week's episode of The Mike & Judy Show! Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta's.

"I've been blogging since 1994, but this is one way for me to make something that will really sustain itself and last." [5:00]

"I don't want to impose my views onto the writers, I want them to write really well." [8:50]

-- Maura Johnston on The Mike & Judy Show