It's the Mike & Judy Cocktail Lounge this week! Tune in for a special bar and booze themed episode of The Mike & Judy Show, as special guest and author of Drinking with Men, Rosie Schaap, joins the show to talk about dive bars, drinking stories and moms at Grateful Dead shows. "The Greatest Piano Player In the World", Micky Finn, is also in studio to set the mood with some appropriate live tunes. Tune in as the crew remembers bad pickup lines, high school, Mars Bar, Jimmy Breslin and more. Pour yourself a whiskey, enjoy the piano stylings of Micky Finn and learn more about drinking in New York City. This program was sponsored by Roberta's Pizza.


"A bar with zero snacks is a very strange thing, and it doesn't lead to the most optimal drinking situations." [04:00]

"The definition of "dive" bars has gotten much looser." [06:00]

--Rosie Schaap, author of "Drinking with Men", on The Mike & Judy Show