There have been many authors on The Mike & Judy Show, but today's show features Michael Malice, a truly unique writer who is working on the Unauthorized Autobiograhy of Kim Jong-il. Welcome to the bizarre world of the north Korea (since Korea is one nation divided by American Imperialism, we keep the "n" lowercase). It's a nation where politics is religion, and religion is the worship of an odd little man by the name of Kim Jong Il. It is a notoriously reclusive and closed nation, one whose inner workings can only be guessed at by outsiders—until now. Taken directly from primary sources spirited out of the "Hermit Kingdom", Michael's book will expose the life and lessons of Kim Jong-Il from his own unique perspective. If truth is stranger than fiction, then what is presented as truth in North Korea is stranger still. From his miraculous birth to breeding giant rabbits, this is the philosophy of the world's zaniest dictator—as he himself would have it be told. This program was sponsored by Roberta's.


"If you're thinking of traveling to North Korea - do it! It's like going to the moon." [04:00]

"If we want to negotiate with North Korea we don't have to argue with them, we just have to accept their premise and move on from there." [12:00]

--Michael Malice on The Mike & Judy Show