Today is Wrestlemania! This week on The Mike & Judy Show, Mike Edison and Judy McGuire are joined in the studio by two wrestling enthusiasts/experts. Keith Elliot Greenberg is a former writer for the WWE, and Maura Johnston is the founder of Maura Magazine. Tune into this episode to hear some predictions about tonight's main event. Who will win? The Rock or John Cena? The Undertaker or CM Punk? Tune into this installment of The Mike & Judy Show to learn more about camaraderie in wrestling, and the changing demographic of the wrestling audience. Listen in and find out why Mike is disappointed by the lack of gimmicks in professional wrestling these days, and how wrestling is one of the only sports that speaks in favor of progressive ideals. This program has been sponsored by Roberta's.

"Wrestling is getting diverse. We look at the world; we have a bi-racial president. You look at the wrestling audience, and there are a lot of people of Hispanic ancestry in that audience." [27:10] -- Keith Elliot Greenberg on The Mike & Judy Show