Food is not the new rock ‘n’ roll. This week on The Mike & Judy Show, Mike Edison and Judy McGuire are joined in the studio by Paul Gerard of Exchange Alley in NYC’s East Village, and Spyro Poulos of Girl to Gorilla. Listen in to hear about The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition on punk rock, and why the opening was so stale. Hear Paul talk about the restaurant industry, and why it’s more akin to pop music than rock ‘n’ roll. Learn some New Orleans food history from Paul, and hear a selection from Girl to Gorilla’s first album! After the break, hear conversations about the evolution of New York, and why more transplants need to let their freak flags fly. What is Paul’s gripe with the James Beard Awards? Find out on this week’s episode of The Mike & Judy Show! This program has been sponsored by Roberta’s.


“They’re saying that food is the new rock ‘n’ roll. But it’s all pop; we’re represented by housewives and buffoons.” [5:30]

“Everyone wants to make their own little Midwest in Brooklyn!” [20:00]

Paul Gerard on The Mike & Judy Show