The future is here, and it's robot sex. This week on The Mike & Judy Show, Mike Edison is hosting the show by himself, but invites his favorite pornographers into the studio to talk about the future of porn. Chip Maloney is in the house talking about his new pinup-style publication, Temptress Magazine. Marlo Marquise joins the show; tune in to hear about her style of extreme live show. Lux Alptraum talks about how the Internet has hurt the porn industry, and how the business has changed since she became involved. Learn about teledildonics, and whether or not sex with robots is considered cheating. Outwrite from Grey Sky Appeal stops by to play a new track "Brains", and talk about the target audience for zombie porn. Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta's.

"People are working twice as hard as for half as much money. It's not as easy as it used to be to make porn." [17:05]

-- Lux Alptraum on The Mike & Judy Show