This week on the Mike and Judy show, Mike is back in New York City after a trip to Italy, and special guest, Reverend Jen, here to talk to us about the the Troll Museum! Opened to bring these dolls a spiritual significance to the public, the museum connects with those who had a past childhood with troll dolls. She also talks to us about her latest book, BDSM 101. In BDSM 101, Jen shares rare insight into this oftentimes misunderstood world. Practical instructions are given on safety, communication, bondage, spanking, flogging, fetishes, humiliation, dirty talk, and more. Included are steamy, sometimes ridiculous anecdotes from Jen's past, interviews with her wacky artist friends, and basic illustrations. According to the Jen, "This book is what would happen if Marquis de Sade, Andy Warhol, and Dorothy Parker got together and made a nymphomaniac Bride of Frankenstein." Lastly, she talks about her latest film, Satan Hold My Hand, which is set to premier very soon in the Lower East Side. Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

"I've lived on Orchard St. longer than I've lived in Maryland. Orchard St. and the Lower East Side is my home." [17:03]

-- Reverend Jen on The Mike and Judy Show