Four generations of passion and experience have come together to create The Mondavi Family Winery and their wines. Starting in 1919, Michael Mondavi’s grandfather, Cesare, was elected to find grapes and winemaking supplies for families to make wine legally during Prohibition. Thus, in Lodi, California, the Mondavi family began their foray into California winemaking. Cesare’s son, Robert, joined the family wine business while in high school. In 1966, Robert and his eldest son, Michael, founded the Robert Mondavi Winery, establishing themselves as innovators in winemaking, and accomplishing their goal of bringing California wines the world recognition they deserved. Michael made wines for the first eight harvests at Robert Mondavi Winery and then later took the helm of Sales and Marketing. Known as global emissaries of California wine, Robert and Michael have dedicated their lives to creating a fine wine culture in America. Today, with son Rob Mondavi, Jr. at the winemaking helm, Michael and the family continue to craft a collection of world-class wines at the Michael Mondavi Family Estate. Wondering what it takes to run one of the most accomplished wine companies in the world? Learn everything about wine in today’s program of Evolutionaries but were too afraid to ask! This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.
“If you live in your vineyard, you can make great wines.” [5:00]

“People in the wine business have respect for the soil. The philosophy in Napa Valley is – we would rather police ourselves, than the government police us. We’re taking the proactive view to protect the environment and the wine industry for the future.” [14:20]

“One of the beauties of the family and friends dining together is conversation. If people slow down, talk with each other, and have a wonderful meal, it can be helpful, and a great deal of fun.” [17:53]

The Mondavi Family on Evolutionaries