New restaurants, health code violation controversy, Greek wine -- yep it sounds like another awesome episode of The Morning After. Tune in as hosts Jessie Keifer and Sari Kamin are joined by chef Shanna Pacifico, formerly of Back Forty and Backy Fort West, and two Greek winemakers - Olga Chatzivarytis & Ellada Papadogeorgou of Goumenissa . At the top of the show - the crew chats about the culture of food borne illness claims and why or why not health department reactions are justified. Should a yelp review really lead to legal action? Shanna also previews her latest project in Brooklyn which promises to excite. Later on - learn why Greek wine is seriously overlooked and learn more about the terroir of Northern Greece. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"In October when I gave my notice to Peter Hoffman, I had no thought that I'd be opening a restaurant by the summer - it wasn't even in my brain." [15:00]

--Shanna Pacifico on The Morning After