On a serious episode of The Morning After, hosts Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin talk about global food issues with activist, author and journalist Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank. Food Tank is an advocacy organization that offers solutions and environmentally sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty by creating a network of connections and information for all to consume and share. Later in the show, things lighten up with a virtual visit to everybody's favorite fake restaurant, Chadonnay's. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market


"When you look at what our food system has been focused on - we're focused on monocultures of maize, soy beans and rice.. we're not always focused on the things that nourish people." [23:00]

"We need a set of food policies in this country that aren't discussed very 5 years but are a part of policy making in general." [26:00]

--Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank on The Morning After