This week on The Morning After, the program welcomes New York-based writer and food teacher, Diana Kuan. Starting off the program talking about Diana's design shop, Plate and Pencil, she elaborates on its line from totes to baby clothes. Releasing her first cookbook, The Chinese Takeout Cookbook, in late 2012, Diana discusses her background watching her family run a Latin-flavored Chinese restaurant in Puerto Rico and later a Polynesian-style takeout and Cantonese bakery in suburban Boston. She goes on to talk with Sari about her inspiration behind the cookbook, including how many times we might not know the exact ingredients of takeout food, as well as her famous dumplings and popular blog, Appetite for China. Diana also teaches cooking classes on the regular and is involved in many popup dinner events around the city. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"A lot of times when you go out to Chinese restaurants or get take out food you don't really know what ingredients are in it." [14:00]

"Using the same principles behind making Chinese food and using the ideas behind that and going out to eat a lot I reverse engineered those recipes." [15:20]

--Diana Kuan on The Morning After