This week on a solo show of The Morning After , Jessie speaks with Amy Atwood of Amy Atwood Selections and Co-Founder and Winemaker of Cobb Wines as well as Hirsch Vineyards, Ross Cobb. Focusing on wine in California, the guests detail their personal journeys and happenings with wine. First up, Amy Atwood shares her background and how she came into working with wine in all facets, eventually coming to own her own business. Later, Ross Cobb takes us through his family background with wine, how he came to be a winemaker and what his winemaking process is like. Tune in to hear what a day in a the life is like for Amy and Ross and why wine in California is coming up in the world. This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"The most exciting wine region in the word to me is definitely California because there has been such a change in how wines are made here." [10:55]

-- Amy Atwood on The Morning After

"My winemaking is very hands off and natural in the sense that we try to grow the grapes completely naturally, sustainably." [33:48]

-- Ross Cobb on The Morning After