This week on The Morning After, solo-host Jessie Kiefer starts the show off in style with a crazy tale from the Front of House. Soon after, she welcomes Dr. Dave Ores to the program. Dr. Dave (as many of his patients call him) provides medical care for the uninsured in the NYC area and runs the Restaurant Worker's Health Care Cooperative (RWHCC) as well as the Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program. With the RWHCC currently servicing restaurants in New York City, Philadelphia, and New Orleans, he talks to Jessie about providing free or discounted health care to all restaurant employees. He goes on to explain that each month the restaurant contributes money into a common fund based on its number of employees and in return, their workers can see Dr. Dave for any kind of health concern they might have. Prevention is key! Tune in for a very informative episode and to find out how to help Dr. Dave's cause. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.


"For healthcare, you want nonprofit because it's a different mission statement. In a nonprofit corporation, the mission statement... is to provide as much care as possible with whatever resources you have." [11:31]

"The reason why it (RWHCC) costs so little is because... you only pay money when something happens. With your private, for profit, insurance, if you pay them $1600 a month, they just keep it. If you don't get sick for 10 years, you don't get that back." [19:15]

"If you have nonprofit medicine, you have to make it function well." [23:31]

-- Dr. Dave Ores on The Morning After