This week on The Morning After, chef Angus Brown travels all the way from Atlanta to have a conversation with host Jessie Kiefer! Angus Brown is Executive Chef/Partner of LUSCA and Partner of Octopus Bar in Atlanta. After attending the College of Charleston, Angus cooked in restaurants throughout Oregon, Florida, and Maine before returning to his hometown of Atlanta. Trained in French, Italian, and Asian cooking, Angus creates focused dishes using only the best ingredients. He draws inspiration from frequent visits to the market and is on the Chef Advisory Board of Atlanta's Community Farmers Markets. Angus has extensively researched Asian cuisine during months traveling and cooking in Japan and Vietnam. After meeting in Atlanta and collaborating on a supper series, Angus and his friend and fellow chef Nhan Le opened Octopus Bar in 2011. In spring 2014, Angus and Nhan opened LUSCA. This program was brought to you by Fairway Market


"It doesn't feel like work a lot of the times, especially at a place like octopus bar. there's such a loud energy - it's kind of captivating." [17:00]

--Angus Brown on The Morning After