This week on The Morning After, solo host Sari Kamin kicks off the last show of 2014 with some great Food News, including a Korean macadamia ‘nut’ on a plane, the unveiling of a 99 cheese pizza, and two entertaining drive thru stories. After the break, Sari officially welcomes Chef Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy to the show talking about the restaurant’s grand reopening in January 2015 and highlights improvements she’s looking forward to in the new space. Amanda and Sari revisit the a recent article that Amanda wrote about tipping in the service industry and how the new Dirt Candy is implementing a unique bonus system that will benefit everyone working in the restaurant. Amanda also shares dishes that she’s bringing with to the new Dirt Candy as well as updates she’s making to the menu. Tune in for a great show and hear how Amanda fares on The Morning After Quiz! This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.


“Our menu is bigger – we’re still going to have vegetable desserts but more of them!” [27:00]

“At Dirt Candy, I don’t really care about your health, what you’ve had for lunch or breakfast. I really want you to enjoy my food at the moment.” [29:00]

“If you can show me a piece of meat, or fish, or chicken, or anything that made a vegetable taste better, I would actually put it on the menu. I haven’t discovered that yet.” [31:10]

Amanda Cohen on The Morning After