This week on The Morning After, solo host Jessie Kiefer kicks off the first show of 2015 welcoming Master Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier and Camille Riviere, an importer of French natural wines. Jessie introduces some great Food News including a recent wine heist at The French Laundry, White Castle serving a veggie burger, and recapping 2014’s weird food mashups. She then gets the scoop on Pascaline, asking about her background and how she came to discover wine and dedicate her career to becoming a Master Sommelier, and most recently the beverage director of Rouge Tomate Restaurant. The group embarks on a great discussion on wine trends around the world and add thoughts on natural wines as well as wines coming out of the Loire Valley along the way. At the tail end of the show, Jessie unveils The Morning After Quiz so stay tuned to see how Pascaline fares! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


“I didn’t drink wine until somebody showed me the way.” [16:00]

“Is natural wine a myth? Yes and no. It’s the idea that you can grow grapes with respect of the soil without using chemical products.” [29:30]

Pascaline Lepeltier on The Morning After