This week on The Morning After, solo host Sari Kamin kicks off the show with the latest crazy food news which includes deadly spiders, avocado marijuana, and Chik-fil-A opening its doors in NYC, before officially welcoming Chef Jon Check of Brooklyn's Buttermilk Channel. Jon chats about how he came to run the kitchen at Buttermilk Channel as well as his background in the food world. He goes on to explain how upon taking charge of the kitchen he was faced with updating the menu but keeping some of the celebrated dishes, such as the famous fried chicken, as well as his overall vision for the restaurant. Sari also gets the scoop on the secret to Buttermilk Channel's success and how they pride themselves in being a big part of the Carroll Gardens neighborhood, plus hints at new seasonal menu items. Tune in to see how Jon does on The Morning After Quiz! This program was brought to you by Brooklyn Slate.

"I came to cooking after college kind of accidentally fell into it!"

"We try to be the place people can come into for varying occasions all the time."

--Jon Check on The Morning After