This week on The Morning After, Sari and Jessie interview Internet personality, Shit Food Blogger. They discuss the WastED pop-up happening at Blue Hill Farm, and head into some food news. Headlines include a misabuse of Yelp in Boston, a dishwasher who was enslaved by his boss in Calfornia, and an unfortunate man who attempted to score a free Valentines Day meal with his pet rat. In the middle segment of the show, Shit Food Blogger answers questions that were tweeted to him for the show and he comments on a list of words "banned" by EIC of Bon Appetit, Raphael Brion. The show concludes, of course, with The Morning After Quiz. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.


"Restaurant owners give Yelp way too much power." [5:00]

"Nothing is better than a comeback story in the food blogger world." [19:00]

-- Shit Food Blogger on The Morning After