This week on The Morning After, hosts Sari Kamin and Jessie Kiefer jump start the episode with some unbelievable food news including an official Burger King fragrance, metal found in Kraft Mac & Cheese, as well as a cookbook for kids based on the popular Paleo diet! After the break, Chef Jonathon Sawyer of Cleveland restaurants Noodlecat, The Greenhouse Tavern, Trentina, and Tavern Vinegar Company joins the show along with Pastry Chef at The Greenhouse Tavern, Vincent Griffith. Talking about redefining the food scene along the Rustbelt, Jonathon and Vincent share their visions for elevating the culinary industry in the area and how they maintain well-prepared, simple, unpretentious cuisine. Jonathon is also incredibly involved with his kids and how they eat and explains he and his wife's approach to expanding their kids' palate. Touching many other topics of conversation, the show boils down to how Team Sawyer fares on The Morning After Quiz! Tune in for a wonderful interview! This program was brought to you by International Culinary Center.


"I think they're all [his restaurants] trying to read from the same book. They're interpreting cuisines and they're using their backyard to find stuff to interpret that." [16:27]

"Whether it's a slurp shop, everything under $13, Japanese inspired, Ohio sourced or it's Trentina and it's sort of the test kitchen for the whole company or The Greenhouse Tavern where it's this all things to everybody French-inspired bistro, they're all telling their story just three different points of view." [16:37]

--Chef Jonathon Sawyer on The Morning After