There's a lot going on this week on The Morning After! Host Jason Colucci checks in with Jamie Seet of The Spotted Pig to hear about their Gay Pride party, which includes all of you favorite food from The Pig, along with shots delivered by a penis sculpted out of ice. Jason calls Pat LaFrieda Jr. to talk about The Food Network show Meat Men, Pat's specialty burger blend, Shake Shack, and his experiences at The Great GoogaMooga food festival in Prospect Park. Sam Richman and Brad McDonald are in the studio talking about their new Mexican restaurant, Gran Electrica. Hear Sam talk about the food he experienced in Mexico, and why it's nearly impossible to replicate here in the States. Brad talks about his other restaurant, Colonie, and how his time there inspired him to expand to other food endeavors. This episode has been brought to you by Fairway Market.

"On Saturday night, they called me and said, 'Pat we need 2,200 burgers...' In the middle of the night, I had to make those burgers and drive them over on Sunday morning." -- Pat LaFrieda Jr. on The Great GoogaMooga, The Morning After

"I think to take it to the next level it requires us finding people on the ground in Mexico to ship us stuff. There's a lot of spices and chiles that don't even necessarily travel within Mexico." -- Sam Richman on The Morning After