Welcome to another episode of The Morning After! This week, Jason Colucci has a breadth of guests in the studio. Natasha David stops by the studio talking about the new Death & Co. cocktail bar, Demi Monde. Jason Calls Pam Stubbs of Tertulia to check in on the Euro Cup final match between Spain and Italy. Abe Schoener, Mark Snyder, and Darren Palace of the Red Hook Winery are in the studio. Tune in for an on-air wine tasting featuring two different rieslings made by Abe Schoener and Bob Foley that are from the exact same harvest of grapes. Hear discussions about the wines' flavors and colors, as well as the differences between California and Long Island in terms of making wine. Matt Sucich is a singer-songwriter from Astoria who recently played at Bonnaroo. Matt joins Jason and company to play a song and talk about his experiences at the festival. This episode has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"Our point is to embrace what we're doing, but support the local community." -- Mark Snyder on The Morning After

"Growing conditions in Long Island are so difficult and so challenging, but the result is that Bob Foley and I get to make wines that we couldn't make in California." --Abe Schoener on The Morning After