This week on The Morning After how Jason Colucci starts off a hazy, hot Sunday afternoon with a special guest: Heritage Radio Network's own Judy McGuire. Judy and company talk about the debut of her upcoming book, The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Lists, and how she got people like Andrew W.K. to participate in the project. Next up, intrepid food reporter-at-large Matthew Bourgeois calls in to dish about Middle Eastern cuisine in Virginia and homebrewers in Maine. Finally, in a city that is so competitive when it comes to food and restaurants, why is bad service still so pervasive? Tune in to hear restauranteur and chef de cuisine of Back Forty West Shanna Pacifico muse on this subject. Hear about how she started her culinary career at Savoy, why buying steer whole is more efficient and economic for her restaurants, and why young chefs' expectations of the industry have been spoiled by celebrity chefs and cooking TV. This episode is sponsored by Fairway Market.

"I find that people in the kitchen are expecting so much . . .[the industry] is not any different than it was 10-15 years ago when I started.. it's hard work for low pay, but great rewards. But they're coming out of culinary school expecting to make more than anyone makes."

"I feel that people shouldn't lose the attention to detail. I don't care how casual the restaurant is, you have to have attention to detail-- I want my water glass filled. I'm now spending hard-earned money to eat at your restaurant and especially in this city where there are so many restaurants in competition."

-- Shanna Pacifico on the Morning After